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Bedside Table


My inspiration comes from life, parts that are never revealed, parts we like to forget, parts we feel too overwhelmed to tell.

Using various types of media, I share my life experiences and observations, hoping to engage the audience, to evoke a connection with a part of them that they keep reserved.


Female sexual exploration is becoming socially acceptable within the 21st century. With the media openly exposing female sexual gratification, shops publically supplying women with sexual stimulants, we are no longer ‘unsettled’ at the sight of a vibrator. We as a society are becoming increasingly exposed to the idea of female sexual liberation, and in turn adopting an acceptable attitude towards female sexuality.


For a woman to smoke, drink or even masturbate was seen over the centuries as a ‘taboo’. The proposed piece “The Bedside Table” uses silkscreen and embroidery to reveal the contents of these private spaces. Multiple variations of an image featuring the tools of a woman’s sexuality, beauty and relaxation bombard the viewer, desensitizing the explicit nature of the image making it ordinary. By taking the feminine art of cross stitch (usually displayed around the home) I have created something that one might also find in the home but not display. Items many may see and use frequently - but secretly.

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