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“All the thoughts one might have in one day compressed into your psyche, not shared due to the fear of showing a smidge of insanity, causing more harm than good or more good than harm? Making you question your; lifestyle? Choices? Sanity? Suddenly feeling like you’re going to “blow”…”


Art can be an extension of communication; a dialogue of ones life, expressing what one feels.  Rachelle Romeo deciphers her own life experiences through the process of her art, expanding her thoughts and feelings allowing them to evolve, to become artworks that can communicate her condition to the viewer.


Thread is a medium that is normally used to bind materials together; it can be decorative, used to create beautiful things but can also unravel so easily. Nails are strong but can be bent with force. Colour can turn something monstrous into an image of beauty. Romeo’s use of colour within the screen-printing process allows the artist to give the image an emotional charge, and it is her aim to affect the viewer in this way. On one level these works act as an ingenuous porthole to her life, additionally this body of work aims to highlight a universal idea of the complexities of emotional condition.

© 2013 Rachelle Romeo

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