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"Identity", 2018


“An emotional reaction to the treatment of my father by the British government”. 


Communicating the turmoil of those who have been affected by recent events, named by the media and politicians as the “Windrush Scandal”. Exposing the pain, abuse, confusion and loss of a group of people who thought they were “British”, as that was the identity forced upon them. The History of the Carribean shows that people had been stripped of one identity and were forced to use another for the financial gain of their colonisers… “Identity”, (2018) explores the feelings of being disowned by the only nationality you know and the impact it has upon their lives.  It also celebrates the triumph of West Indians and their allies; fighting against the government, having our united voices finally heard. Using art to communicate the experience of many and Rachelle's own.

Anchor Thread on Aida, Hand stitched 

Author - Rachelle Romeo


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