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Man Made , 2019


Flowers are deemed  by society to be a feminine object, an object that is

delicate - yet their spiritual meanings show strength and power. Those who identify as woman have strength, power and voice; we should be heard. The truth of a woman's experience regarding their sexual encounters and their role in sex differs from their male counterparts. Once they experience their own sexual liberation and empowerment, they develop an understanding of their own body and their power, knowing it's ok to enjoy the perfectly natural and beautiful act when they consent. 

Anchor Thread on Aida, Hand stitched 

Author - Rachelle Romeo

Flower meanings:


  • Dahlias - elegance, inner strength, creativity, change and dignity. One who stands strong in his/her sacred values

  • Daffodils - rebirth and new beginnings

  • Daisies - innocence and purity 

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