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Rubber Lips, 2018

Rubber Lips - READY FOR PRINT.jpg

A literal illustration of the racial slur “Rubber lips” used commonly to describe the lips of people of African origin. 


Using rubber to form the lips attempting to explore the true connection to the slur and the body part.  By doing so, although not making a connection, as it is not a true reflection of the feature it still can be morphed to demonstrate beauty.


Full lips have always been beautiful, like any other shape from any other ethnicity. Beauty varies and it is equal, it is not owned by one. 







Acrylic paint on Hardboard, Rubber bands and nails.  

In regards to the extremes people now go to from all different ethnicities to mirror full lips, it also makes one reflect on how societies’ idea of beauty has changed; from monstrous to most sought for look. 

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